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THE HEALTHY LIving INTENSIVE - Women’s Edition

Without a doubt in my mind, I know you deserve it all and I want you to know how amazing you are, babe! Coaching is meant to give you a sense of wholeness. I offer mentor-ship, and my friendship sharing tips and tricks to guide you to feel the confidence to achieve your goals!



I’m Jess, and I have felt constantly stressed about the calories on my plate, how much to exercise and my overall health and well being my whole life! So yes…I completely know how draining it is to feel less than vibrant and lost in the world of dieting, rules around food and eating, workout regimens, and the extreme restriction/binging cycle. You want to know what frustrates me the most? That I am NOT alone in all of the confusion around the health and wellness world—there are way to many gorgeous and incredible ladies out there who are completely lost about what to do and where to turn to.

I can remember as far back as elementary school wondering why my thighs were more muscular, and why I had an athletic frame while other girls had tiny frames. To be honest, I felt like my body being different made me less attractive and less capable! As I continued to grow up, I could pick out at least one physical quality in everyone I came across that I considered to be more appealing than what I had to offer. 

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The thing is, I really wanted to feel good in my body and felt that I could totally make changes get me to the same standard as I saw others as.

In theory, it seemed like a no-brainer to just work really hard at eating healthy and exercising very regularly to get the physique I was dreaming of and feel amazing about myself! I mean, if I just had those abs or thin thighs then I would be good enough, right?! WRONG.

As a naturally stubborn person, I can take things to extremes pretty easily. I didn’t think much of my extreme habits from calorie count, logging how many calories I was burning during my workouts and turning down any sort of sweet treat that was offered to me until I found myself in one of the hardest times of my life.

At age 18, my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer…and my life flipped completely upside down.

My mom, the healthiest person I had ever known had cancer. I always thought that cancer just didn’t happen to my family…we are healthy as ever so there’s just no way!

It was during this time that I found out just how much my emotional state was affecting my physical well-being. 

During this hard time in my life, I had to tune into what my needs were and come about my well-being with a more gentle and kind approach than what I was doing previously.

I had to know the difference between when I was taking an intense exercise class to relieve stress and taking the class as a form of pushing myself too hard because I didn’t feel good enough. I had to learn how to make and eat food as a source of nourishment and “medicine” of sorts rather than fearing food for how many calories, carbs, fats or sugars it had in it.

Learning all of this has been the biggest and most bumpy roller coaster ride of my life!

So how did I get out of the rigid “health” habits and into a more wholesome space where I could finally reach my ideal weight, enjoy social engagements and feel more connected to myself and the world around me?

My passion for nutrition, cooking and holistic wellness lead me to enroll in nutrition school to become a health and lifestyle coach. During my studies I was able to really grasp why it is so important to have a healthy relationship with ourselves and how our mindset is the driving force behind living a vibrant life or feeling burnout no matter what trendy new diet you try.

I realized that my patterns of restrictive eating were a reflection of my emotional trauma and that my health was suffering because of my disconnect with what my body was really craving.

I learned at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition that each and every person has different needs in order to live their version of a brilliantly healthy life. I realized how easy it is to feel like our intuition is clouded with all of the smart marketing on how to eat, exercise, and live to have your healthiest life.

But after re-learning how to do what feels right for me through lots of trial and error, I have never looked back.

Today I am so grateful to be able to know exactly how my body is feeling on any given day and be 100% confident that I know how to take care of myself in each and every moment.

Whether that be to indulge in the chocolate or to just have the salad with extra protein, I am confident that my body can give me all the answers as long as I listen to it and respect it.


Do I still fall back into old patterns occasionally? You bet! In fact, I think that the biggest lesson I have learned isn’t how to master a perfectly healthy diet, but to accept myself where I am and trust that my body is smart enough to handle the not so healthy times!

Its not about being perfect ALL of the time, it’s about all those healthy habits you enjoy MOST of the time!

It is so humbling to be able to help so many other women through their transformational journey and see them reach their health goals! There is no bigger gift than to be able to help women unravel their challenging mental patterns and finally feel like the woman they always knew they could be.

I think that your time has come to find your healthiest self, DON’T YOU?!

The Healthy Life Coaching Intensive is all of my best guidance and teachings that you can indulge in while having LOADS of fun!


  • Are always confused about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat!

  • Tired of not having energy to do what you love

  • Done with feeling heavy and motivated to finally get toned and ditch the bloat!

  • Frustrated with all the conflicting health advice that is out there!

  • Giving into cravings and temptations more often than you would like

  • Want to have all your questions answered once and for all

  • Want to understand YOUR needs to live your healthiest life

  • Want support to implement everything you are learning and discovering about yourself

  • Want to finally feel good in your skin and LOVING the body you have!


  1. The benefits of creating YOUR unique healthy life

  2. Why health trends don’t work and how to let go of comparison

  3. The role of stress and why it is blocking your success

  4. Personalized nutrition and how to start

  5. Healthy living and lifestyle hacks to make your healthy life feel easy and natural

  6. The top health mistakes women make and how to avoid them

  7. Making your unique healthy life: Exercise, sleep, stress and more

  8. Balancing your healthy life with the outside world

Most of all, you are going to find balance in your daily life and will feel confident to bypass the distracting trends that are marketed oh so well. You will find that you will become way more connected to your sense of self, and be crystal clear on what makes you feel vibrant and most importantly you will feel FREE.

Because I am so excited to get you started with your Healthy Life, I am offering your FREE consultation call with me! Just 50 minutes of identifying your goals and talking about if this program is right for you! Get yourself scheduled below and I am SO excited to connect!

Loads of love,



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What’s Stopping You?

Understand what is blocking you from moving forward.

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Have a conversation of what you want to improve on and how to get there.

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Find fun and consistent practices that will launch you towards your goals.

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And finally, feel how amazing it is to rediscover who you are!


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