Why Social Media Comparing Is Breaking Your Success + How To Stop!

Comparing our lives to social media, unfortunately, is something almost everyone does on the daily! We see our friends, our family, influencers and just people we admire posting all day everyday. Although, social media is a great way to stay connected and it can even be a useful and effective learning tool, we also can feel isolated and down on ourselves for being different.

You see, back in the old ages...old ages meaning when I was in the 7th grade lol...we didn’t have things like Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook where we could see what other people were doing. From what I remember I didn’t really care about what other people did for their skincare routine or what they ate in a day because I was more concerned with what worked for me! I had no idea that what worked for me was different than someone else.

But then came the world of influencers and oversharing which really does suck a lot of us into a hole of curiosity of others and then comparison of those we admire.

Here’s the thing with comparison...it has NO place in your life because it has NO benefit on your mental or physical health. In fact, you can really throw yourself off by trying to always be participating in the latest trends and trying to be like everyone but yourself.

So how do you stop?

I found that when I caught myself comparing to others on social media, I was actually putting myself in the role of being lesser than those I was following. The people that I was admiring in my mind were better than me or had their life together more than me, therefore I should be looking up to them as a goal for myself to become.


There is nothing wrong with admiring others or setting goals for yourself, but my thought process was to set standards for myself to be like someone else. This is not only made  me unhappy, but it was impossible for me to be like anyone else...makes sense, right? Plus, I shouldn’t want to be anyone but myself because I should know that I am pretty dope just the way I am...ya get my drift? Believe in yourself, my dear!

Ok quick side note, but comparing yourself to your friends in particular is a deadly trap. Wether they got a higher paying job than you, are climbing the corporate ladder like it ain’t no thang or getting fit and lean like no other...everything happens when it is right for YOU! Don’t get stuck in the panic of feeling like your life isn’t going as successfully as your friends. Odds are that those very people are admiring you from afar too.

Here’s what I did to get out of the comparison habit.

First off, I stopped being on social media multiple times per day. I didn’t deprive myself of it but I definitely stopped going on Instagram while waiting for a red light (bad habit I know) or when I was in a waiting room, etc. This alone made a huge difference!

I turned off notifications! Yes, it is nice when you post something for you to watch all those likes and comments roll in but when things are constantly popping up on your screen it’s SO DISTRACTING!

I used other people’s stories and opinions on trends as a way to just learn and be curious. I didn’t go out and buy the latest thing or feel like I had to start a new diet protocol...rather I just thought it was a fun interactive way to learn about what others and what works for them!

And lastly, I got real with myself. When I post on social media, I am posting mostly positive aspects of my life. I don’t usually post my down days or when I am frustrated. Some people do have accounts that show good and bad days, but I promise you that almost every person you hold to a higher standard than yourself is showing you the highlight reel. Even just keeping that in mind is a blessing that will keep your mind away from comparison so you can stay neutral about it.

I hope this helps you and that you know you ARE AN AMAZING HUMAN BEING! No comparison is necessary for you to thrive so just leave it at the back door, babe!

Now, I want to hear from you! What do you do when you feel yourself comparing? Tell me in the comments below!

Loads of love,