What Can A Health Coach Do For You?

 I get this question a lot so I thought writing up a post would be the perfect way to address the subject!

A lot of people ask me why they should invest in themselves in this way. First off, let me just say that I totally get it...how could hiring a health coach help you reach your goals?

In fact, when I first heard about what a health coach does, I was (very pleasantly) surprised that this is even a profession! I got sucked into the world of health coaching right when I heard about it and the more I dug into it, I realized that EVERY person needs to invest in this!

As a health coach, I am dedicated to helping you be your healthiest and happiest self. But I take it a step further than that because I understand that you are different than any other person in this entire world and so you will have wildly different needs than anyone else!

I believe so deeply that you being completely unique is the most beautiful thing about you. And this uniqueness is beyond overlooked by our society today.

You see, we live in a world of trends, perfect diets, meal plans, must-do morning routines..the list goes on and on. I am willing to bet that if you are reading this, you have tried a few or maybe all of the trends floating around! We trust in others we look up to and expect to get results from being told exactly what to do.

I am also willing to bet that you haven’t gotten the results you want or felt more energy or healthier by trying to perfect the trend!

You want to know why?

Because just as there is no such thing as one size fits all! There is not one way of eating or exercising that works for everyone. There is not one way of journaling or meditating will be right for everyone. There is not one way to self care, time blocking, parenting, packing a lunch...you get it yet?

So many of us have lost touch with what is right for ourselves and it is my mission as a health coach to re-discover yourself by looking at many aspects of your life and begin to piece the puzzle back together.

Another big aspect to a truly healthy life is to look at not only your nutrition and exercise routine, but to also explore your relationships with others, how your career may be impacting you, your beliefs and sense of purpose, how you show up for yourself, your home environment, your relationship to your finances, etc.

By talking and working through these areas of your life, you will begin to see and understand your patterns and ultimately you will realize that you know exactly what you need to live your healthiest life.

Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for by following all those trends? Haven’t you been trying one thing after the next trying to figure out what works for you? Well...health coaching will help you figure out what works for you so that you can finally ditch the trends because you, my dear, know wayyyyyy better than you could have imagined!

The best part of all of this is that YOU ARE SO WORTHY and if you ask me, investing in a coach is the ultimate act of self care. I believe this so much because you don’t deserve to feel unhealthy and unhappy with your body or your place in this world. 

I hope this very brief overview of health coaching has given you some insight and I’m sending you my love!