A Small Act That Has A Big Impact

Each week there is one very simple purchase I make...and it has a huge impact on my week!

In fact, if I don’t make this purchase each week I feel like something is incomplete...and its insanely simple!

A lot of people feel that self care acts have to be elaborate, time consuming and yet another list of to-do’s. But it really doesn’t have to be!

Each week, as I go about my grocery shopping I purchase myself a pretty flower bouquet.

Just the simple act of buying myself flowers gives me so much joy and sets me up for a productive work week! 


And to be honest, it’s not really about the flowers. This simple act makes such a huge impact in my life each week because by doing this, I am showing myself that I am capable, worthy and so deserving of beautiful things in my life!

I wish every single person on this earth felt the same way, and that is why I encourage my clients, friends and family to do something so simple yet incredibly impactful to begin to cultivate this mindset.

What is something you can gift yourself each week to show yourself some love? I’d love to know!

Sending light and love,