4 Things You Can Do Right Now To Start Loving Yourself More

Self-love is a big topic these days and it can be kind of an eye-rolling topic--especially when it’s all about elaborate morning routines, daily DIY face masks and rose petals in your evening bath.

I mean all of these things are really fun and would make anyone feel special, but when it comes to self-love, the things you do for  yourself a minor part of it. We can do all the face masks in the world, but if you are not shifting your mindset about yourself to something positive then you can be stuck in the water so to speak.

Let’s dive into this a little further shall we?

First off I would like to touch on the fact that loving yourself goes WAY beyond liking the way you look or feeling cute in your new outfit. It definitely can be a huge confidence boost to feel beautiful on the outside, but if you want to be contagiously radiant, you need to cultivate a true love for what makes you who you are and your confidence just easily radiates out into the world!

Here are 4 easy ways to start getting your self love glow on right now:

1.) Accept Yourself Where You Are!

Be kind to yourself! You are always going to be changing and growing as a person, and you are definitely not going to be perfect 100% of the time so take that load off your shoulders and be kind to yourself!

This  relates to your self-talk. For real, you need to switch from talking about yourself like you are a total failure and start talking about yourself as the capable and smart young lady that you are. As a society we tend to feel like we are “not enough” or that it’s easier to not even try than to fail. Try switching these thoughts to “I am enough and even though I may fail, I will be proud that I tried”.

Watch this video from Marie Forleo on What to Do When You Feel Useless and Alone so you can stop playing the KRAP Radio station in your head of negative self talk!

Often times, we beat ourselves up about all the things that go wrong or things we failed at, but we hardly give ourselves the time of day when we succeed at something. Right now, think about (or even write down!) everything in the past week (even the little things like going on a walk or flossing lol)  that you have done right and just do a little happy dance! It’s pretty cool to step back and realize that you are abso-freakin-lutely crushing it!

Now I also want you to forgive yourself of everything you think you did not do so great at. Write in your journal about how you forgive yourself and even though you may not have hit your goal, you are such a strong and capable person that can always try again!

2.) If It’s Not A Hell Yes, It’s A No!

Respect yourself enough to do the things you like to do and politely decline all the others! We do not need to be wasting our precious time and energy doing the things we don’t like to do just because someone asked us if we would like to come along!

Here is what will happens when you say yes to the things you like to do...you have loads of fun AND you meet people that you have a lot in common with!

In contrast, here is what happens when you say yes to things that you wish you had courage to say to no...you feel uncomfortable during the event/activity and you feel completely drained when you come home--not to mention you probably feel lonely because you felt like an outsider.

Nobody has time to feel drained or like an outsider. So one of the easiest things you can do to love yourself more is to just do the things you like to do and politely decline the rest! Done and done.

3.)  Have Fun Being Someone New Everyday

Just as each day is different, how we react to the world around us and how we choose to put ourselves out there is different!

Do you ever have days of feeling super confident and other days that you feel like a blob? Yeah...my point exactly. If you naturally feel this way anyways, why not make a conscious choice to have fun with choosing who you want to be today?

Its kind of like when something happens in our life, we have the privilege to choose how we react. We can either think the world is against us, or be proactive and positive even when the situation is not in our favor.

A good example of this is applying for jobs. Usually there is that one job that you would just LOVE to have so you apply and can’t stop thinking about it only to find out they went a different direction and you didn't get it… A pretty typical reaction is to be super pissed off and maybe even bad mouth the company and kick yourself that you stumbled on one of the interview questions.

How about instead, you let yourself be disappointed for a few hours or a day and then realize you have a clean slate to start with, the job was not meant to be and you are going to be a huge blessing to a team that appreciates the hard work you put out there. New me, who dis?!

4.) Allow Other People Go Through Their Own Experience

I want you to remember this the next time you are scrolling Instagram comparing yourself to other people, or when you are comparing yourself to family and friends you admire.

Especially with social media, it is really easy to put our best selves forward and make our lives look wonderful. However, what you don’t see is that the person you are admiring on Instagram is probably very judgmental of themselves in every picture they post and they carry just as much self-doubt that you do.

This means you have to stay in  your own lane and just concentrate on your wants, needs, likes and dislikes! How much more simple did you life just become? Super simple.

Now, I would LOVE to hear from you! What is your biggest takeaway from these tips? What do you crave more of?

As always sending you loads of love,