3 Things About Trendy Diets That Need To Die A Slow Death

If we are being honest, we can admit that all of us have been swayed by a trendy diet or two! I mean, why wouldn’t we be? Big flashing advertisements saying that you can be lean, toned and shredded for life in a matter of days! What wouldn’t be appealing about that?

Behind all the glitz and glam of these trendy diets, there is a dark underbelly that a lot of women choose to ignore. And you, my friend, do not need to be captive to this ever again!

Ok let’s dig into the nitty gritty of why trendy diets have no place in your life, shall we?

1) Restriction!

Any diet that promises fast results and the perfect beach bod within a month of starting means that you are going to have to restrict yourself in some way! Not only that, but ‘healthy’ diets like Keto, Vegan and Paleo are restrictive which can lead to unpleasantries like binging, food phobias and isolation from any sort of social gathering!

Not to say that these diets aren’t “healthy”. In fact, they are mega healthy...but also incredibly UNhealthy! On the one hand these diets have clean ingredients, but when we restrict ourselves of other foods, we are throwing ourselves off balance. No person is the same! Some people thrive off of being vegan while others thrive on a high fat diet...and you can’t force your body to be one or the other...you just are how you are!

So when it comes down to it, eat foods that truly lift your spirits and give you mega energy! Instead of being a trend follower, be your badass self YOU TREND SETTER, YOU!

2) The Yo-Yo Effect

Because of the restriction that happens when we commit to a diet, often times the restriction is so much that we can’t maintain the diet for long! Hence, the yo-yo game has been set into motion.

If you’ve never heard of the yo-yo effect before, let me explain...the yo-yo refers to diving head first into a diet for a few days or weeks and feeling so deprived that you break the diet for a while or binge before starting it up again. Your weight will most likely fluctuate as well--losing weight while on a diet, then gaining it all back and then some when you break it.

This can be a really horrible cycle to be in and can feel really hard to get out of!

If you are a yo-yo-er, I recommend you sit down for a while and free write about why you are trying to commit to a diet. Is it weight loss, to feel good enough, to feel pretty or to fit in with a group of friends? Once you’ve written your list, write healthy and maintainable ways that you can achieve all of these goals that have nothing to do with dieting.

Maybe for weight loss, instead of dieting you can ask friends to go on walks after work during the week or get a gym membership and find friends that have the same goals as you!

For trying to fit in, you can write all the things that you love about yourself and what you offer to the world! Do more of what feels good, and if you feel the need to be different than who you are naturally then you need to find a new friend group or new hobbies that feel awesome!

3) Your Social Life Takes A Nosedive!

A fun social life is a crucial part of life! Without friends and heck even family connections, us humans go crazy...literally!

Having a social life that you can participate in regularly is going to give you all the happy feels and is a big underestimated aspect of overall health! When we are dieting in some sort of way, a lot of the time we shy away from our normal social life. If you think about it, food and eating is a big part of being with friends. But when we are restricting ourselves of foods we are also restricting ourselves of loads more social engagements….or binging (aka the YO-YO!)

Not only that but when we are dieting a lot of times we become grumpy grandmas and nobody wants to be around that!!

So what can we do when it comes to our hopes and dreams for a healthy body and a healthy life? STOP the trendy diets and really listen to your body!

Unfollow accounts on social media that make you want to jump on the trendy diet wagon and start making food that gives you endless energy and makes your skin glow. When you are living a happy and balanced life, the rest will fall into place. This I promise!

I’m curious, speaking of FOOD, what is your favorite food?! Like if you could eat one food for the rest of you life what would it be? Mind would totally be sweet potato...or avocado….or banana...lol indecisive much?!

Tell me in the comments below!

Loads of love,