My Thoughts On Exercise: How Exercise Is A Balance Between Circulation and Inflammation

My Thoughts On Exercise: How Exercise Is A Balance Between Circulation and Inflammation

Hi loves!

I was in a spinning class earlier this evening and I began to think about how much my fitness routine has changed over the years.

As most of you know, I used to be the person who would exercise twice a day and stress out if I didn’t get both workouts in each and every day. I did this for about a year until I absolutely burned out and my body began to shut down.

All of a sudden I began to gain weight while still maintaining my crazy active life and eating little to nothing. And it wasn’t the good muscle gain was a puffy, inflamed water-retention weight that I couldn’t shake off!

As you can imagine, gaining weight despite intense cardio and HIIT type workouts everyday was VERY confusing and I felt embarrassed to say the least!

It took a lot of time to wrap my head around the fact that even though my habits were “healthy” I was NOT treating my body in a healthy way.

You see, when I stopped exercising more than three or four times per week and really took the time to work on my mindset around what health means to me I started to lose the weight easily.

What happened here was that I tipped the balance of using exercise as a tool for health and wellness...and obviously not in my favor! Let me explain...

Exercise has incredible health benefits. It gets our blood circulating, it keeps our heart in good health, it relieves stress...and so much more. But exercise is also an added stress on our bodies and causes inflammation. 

Just think about it, the reason we get sore is because our muscle fibers tear slightly and begin to rebuild to be stronger (there are definitely other aspects of exercise that can cause inflammation but this is a big example!). This tearing of the tissue is a ton of inflammation in our bodies and when we add in our other life stressors such as family drama or our job stress….no wonder we are all walking and talking inflammation!

So how much exercise is good for you without causing the unwanted inflammation?!

This is the golden question and if I am going to be completely honest with you like I always am. The amount of exercise for each person is going to be vastly different for everyone. 

The thing is, we all lead different lives and have various amounts of outside stress in any given day, week or over the course of a few years and therefore it is important to know that your exercise needs will change and listening to your body is key. 

I always suggest that if you have a stressful event happen in your life or you are up against a big deadline at work turn towards a more restorative form of exercise. Try to do yoga or go on walks in fresh air 3-4 times per week. ( I promise you will begin to feel way lighter physically and mentally)

If you are feeling like you can handle a little more then add in some more cardio based exercises and get that blood pumping!

P.S. to all you aware of where you are in your cycle and RESPECT your body if its telling you that you need to rest!

In the end, I hope this gives you some insight into how exercise can be a great way to benefit your health and cause loads of inflammation. 

If you are wanting some personalized insight on what would be right for you and where to start always know you can reach out! I love hearing from you and my passion is helping you find your healthiest self.

Loads of love,