The Ultimate Inside Scoop For Natural Skincare + An EXCITING DISCOUNT!

Alright ladies, let’s talk all things SKINCARE!

I love a good at home spa situation as much as the next person, but over the years I have elevated my skincare game to a place that I just can’t keep to myself anymore!

I grew up always having a more non-toxic skincare regimen as my mom would have my sister and I remedy teenage zits with tee tree essential oil and we always had “natural” toothpaste, lotions, etc…but it wasn’t until college that I really started to get interested in why it is so important to be using chemical free goodies on our bodies!

You see, our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs up to 70% of what we put on it. That means all the toxic things in our lotions, face creams, makeup, soaps, shampoo/conditioners are being absorbed through our skin straight into our bloodstream….AHHHH!

I think it is so incredibly important to just put some facts out there for you because you have the right to know what the heck is in your products and how it could be affecting your health! So here goes…

The cosmetic/body product industry is HIGHLY UNREGULATED meaning that skincare companies can get away with putting some really nasty stuff in your products. What kind of nasty stuff you ask? Well carcinogens and hormone disruptors like propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and more! These can cause multiple types cancer, infertility and menstruation issues, ADHD symptoms, Asthma, Ezcema, Hives, Dementia and many more things you definitely don’t want to experience.

So here’s the thing. When it comes down to it, having the knowledge behind the scenes of making skincare products sets you free from being in the dark…a silver lining so to speak…

We have two choices: We can choose products that our skin absorbs to give us glowing and vibrant  health like we always dreamed of having, or we can choose products that will build up the toxins in our system and will very likely lead to some sort of ailment in the future.

BABE…you are WAY to precious in this world! I beg of you to begin to pay attention to your products!

So Jess, where do I even start?! I have so many products I love that are definitely not natural!

I got your back, girl, don’t you worry!

Here are two easy ways to start your journey to non-toxic without having to throw away your entire bathroom collection of goodies.

1)      As things run out, get curious and try to buy a more non-toxic alternative! A SUPER easy example of this would be if you just love your body lotion but look on the back and see some yucky stuff, the next time you run out instead of buying it again just simply get coconut oil from your grocery store and make it smell exactly how you like it with some essential oils! Overtime, your bathroom will naturally start to become more natural and non-toxic without you even realizing it!

2)      Download an app that rates how clean your products are! This is a super easy and convenient way to go to the store and check how clean each product/brand is as you are browsing! Just even being curious and aware of your products is a big step in the right direction. Try one of these apps!

·         Think Dirty

·         GoodGuide

·         CosmEthics

·         EWG Healthy Living

·         Detox Me

Easy and not even overwhelming, right?!

Ok so now for something INSANELY EXCITING! To make your journey to natural skincare incredibly easy and more affordable I have partnered up with one of my all-time favorite non-toxic skincare companies Primally Pure!

They are so generous and have offered 10% off your first purchase on their website with this discount code:


My favorite product from Primally Pure has to be their deodorant…seriously it not only smells incredible but it actually works!! (P.S. most deodorants contain really harmful ingredients and the skin in our armpits is HIGHLY ABSORBANT and have been known to cause breast cancer…ladies give Primally Pure deodorant a try if nothing else!)


After you’ve gotten your hands on some Primally Pure goodies, I want to hear all about it!! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you got! Seriously…I’ll do a big happy dance just for you!


Loads of Love,