Whats In My Work Lunchbox!

When it comes to working in an office it is so easy to just want to snack all day--especially with all the provided candy and vending machines so accessible.

I know that for me, when I worked in the office I had the tendency to think about snacking or food a lot while I was working because our work environments can  be understimulating in a way. I don’t know about you but when I am sitting in a cubicle with tall walls and nothing but myself I get bored--even if I have a large workload!

Another big thing I noticed was that the work snacks that are provided by the office were very tempting things that I 1.) wouldn’t buy myself at the store and 2.) were tempting even though I knew they would make me feel horrible! Not to mention that when in an office all day during the week we are getting less exercise naturally and can really get thrown off because this is not a natural state for humans in general.

So what’s a girl to do? Here are a few snack ideas and tips in general that got me through each day!

  • Instead of big meals, I felt that snacking on nutrient dense foods every few hours was a huge game changer! Especially because I am naturally a very active person and had to be sitting at my desk all day, I found it really hard for my digestive system to have to work through a big meal….to be honest it made me absolutely lethargic because I needed my brain to be sharp but my body just wanted to concentrate on digesting.

  • I made planning and prepping my snacks a fun process! I researched on blogs and instagram accounts fun snacks other people were making at home and had so much fun playing around in the kitchen...because I was being creative I was more excited to eat what I brought over some pre-packaged something I bought at the store. Some foodies that inspire me with healthy foods are Rachael Deveaux, Jeannette Ogden, Sarah’s Day and Jessica Sepel

  • I concentrated on low sugar snacks because I noticed that when I ate sweet things, especially in the morning, it was like a snowball effect and I just craved sweets all day!

  • I made a point to take a little walk after I ate during the day so that I could kick start my digestion, take my mind off of my work stress and this also helped me feel more satiated by stepping away from the food because mindless snacking until too full  is an easy thing to start doing!

Ok so you ready for some snack inspiration? Here you go babes and HAPPY SNACKING!

  • Plain yogurt with nut butter & berries ( I love Siggi’s yoghurt)

  • Protein Muffins (check out my recipe here!)

  • Protein Bliss Balls (Oh man you guys…I can’t recommend Jessica Sepels protein ball recipes enough!)

  • Olives

  • Goats Cheese and GF Crackers ( I love Mary’s Gone Crackers, Jilz Crackers and Simple Mills)

  • Simple protein smoothie (berries, protein, chia seeds, greens and water/nut mylk)

  • Chopped veggies with hummus ( I also love carrots dipped in almond butter)

  • Apple with almond butter/tahini and cinnamon (swap the apple and cinnamon for celery too)

  • ¼ cup nut and seed mix (make your own trail mix! So yum!)

  • Boiled egg if you like it

  • Clean protein bar ( I love Urban Remedy bars)

  • Some chia pudding (see this recipe)

  • ½ avocado with sea salt

  • Overnight oats (see this simple recipe)

  • Dark Chocolate with Almonds and coconut shavings

  • Make a little lettuce wrap with romaine or butter lettuce and add some avocado and chicken/turkey, dijon and goats cheese

  • Roasted veggies ( I throw a big pan of veggies into the oven each week for super easy meals. Try carrot, beetroot, fennel, cauliflower, zuchinni, sweet potato, mushroom, etc)

  • Sweet potato! I love sweet potato and most people don’t think of it as a snack kind of food. Sometimes I just love to warm it up and eat it like that or have a variation like these:

    • Sweet potato yogurt bowl - sweet potato with some siggies yogurt, nut butter and berries

    • Sweet potato with avocado and sea salt

    • Sweet potato with tahini and cinnamon

    • Sweet potato with some coconut oil, grass fed butter, or ghee with cashews and cinnamon

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and tips that worked for me.  Keep in mind we are all different and that’s a beautiful thing! Keep trying different things until you find a routine that works for you.