If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It!

Hello ladies!

The other day I needed a little kick in the butt, and then all of a sudden I was absolutely delivered exactly that!

I woke up thinking about how it was not only Monday but the day after daylights savings and the fact I had doctors appointments stacking up along with my full time job and this darn awesome mentorship business I am building and growing.

I mean...talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed! So I went about my day and started to get ready for my appointments when I felt eager to listen to a book called Girl, Stop Apologizing by one of my great role models, Rachel Hollis. (As a side note: if you ever want the most epic pep talk of your life then you KNOW Rachel is the lady for this!)

As I was listening she started talking about her life as a mother, a wife, a business owner and how she made sacrifices and choices in her day to day living in order to unapologetically pursue her dreams and provide for her family. Now...I don’t have kids or a significant other but we can all relate to being pulled in a million directions as I mentioned above and as I was listening she quoted a poster that has inspired her throughout her career.


Ok...do I even need to elaborate?! I swear that Rachel read this out loud in her audible version of her book just so that my ears could hear these words in the very second that I needed to re-light that fire in my belly.

Whether you have a big dream to change the world in an incredibly positive way, or you want to bake a baby and bring it into this world--you will need to accept that it will take hard work, dedication, perseverance and consistency.

I have a huge dream to reach young women across the world who want to be part of the best community out there post college. I never want anyone to go through their 20’s feeling that they have to figure it all out alone or that they don’t know where to make their best friends, get a job they love or how even to decorate their new apartment. This is a goal I have been daydreaming about for years and yes, it is SO hard!

But you know what? I have wanted to support all of you women for longer than I even knew and working every single day to be here and make it happen is more rewarding than anything I could possibly think of. And so my mindset shifted from slugging along with lots to do, to springing into all that I am grateful to be working on!

You see, when you want something bad enough you can and will make it happen. A lot of people will ask their role models how they accomplished what they have in their lifetime, and most often the answer is consistency and perseverance.

Being consistent every single day reaching out to people and putting your content out into the world, following up on commitments, and most importantly not giving up every single time someone says “no” to you. For every YES you get, there are most likely a heck ton more NO’s.

This is what differentiates you from others. When things get tough, do you keep going? Do you pivot and try a different angle? Do you get creative and learn from what you’ve experienced to switch your mindset to try again?