Sugar Addict No More! I Quit And It Feels So Good!

Oh sweet yet I have a love hate relationship with you. You make me feel everything from celebration and indulgence to guilt and a shame. So what is a girl to do?

As you can tell, I have had a love hate relationship with sugar for a long time! As a kid I was a total fruit-aholic, and occasionally a chocolate chip cookie crazy princess! But back then it didn’t really seem to matter because I was a tiny but mighty active kid just buzzing around all day long.

However, as I got older I began to have health issues that I just couldn’t kick! I would eat insanely healthy and exercise religiously yet my weight had crept up, I felt uncomfortable in my body and my energy had plummeted. I knew that I needed to make a big change and many professionals I sought advice from said that I needed to be conscious of my sugar intake. Even though I ate a very low sugar diet in the sense that I was never much of a candy person and I did not eat baked goods very often anymore, I was eating an abundance of fruits like bananas, dates and mangos in my smoothies and as snacks.

I heard over and over to just it cut out from my diet and I felt totally heart-broken that I had been trying to fill my body up with nothing but nutritious foods and yet I had been sabotaging my health! And even though I had been advised to lower my sugar….I felt like I was in a cycle of feeling extremely guilty when I ate sugar yet I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I was trying to break up with it!

It wasn’t until I listened to a class taught by Gabby Bernstein called Finally Full that I was able to let go of my fear based story around sugar and break up with it without looking back!

The key ingredient that made my decision easy was when Gabby spoke about willingness. Without the willingness to let go, we cannot begin to make a change. I was not willing to let go of sugar for all that time and so I was feeling shame when I ate it and punishing myself for not having the willpower to say no. Her words were comforting in that when I was ready to let go of sugar, my willingness will carry me through. My willingness will make it easy for me to say no, and most importantly the change will come naturally.

So I took this nugget and had faith that when I was ready to quit sugar for good that I would be able to. In the meantime, I wouldn’t punish myself for indulging because I was setting myself up for success in the long run!

So what happened? It was kind of crazy when I look back on it but every since I watched her course Finally Full I noticed that I just naturally started to not think about sugar as often, and when I had the choice to eat something sugary I felt kind of sick to my stomach in that my body just didn’t want it. For the first time in a long time, I was tuning into what my body was telling me and knew there would be opportunity for indulgence another time. ! I also created some pretty rad new treats in the kitchen that were totally sugar free and incredibly yummy!

The biggest take away from this is that I would love for you to explore your willingness to let go and assess where you are right now. If you are resisting the decision to go sugar free for now, I respect that! And if you are ready to jump in and let go then I applaud you for honoring yourself and what you are needing right now. Just know, you are a total ROCKSTAR either way!

If you’d like to check out Gabby’s course click here for more details.