How Do I Even Start With This Health Stuff?

Hello beautiful!

This is one of my all time favorite questions that I am asked and I am about to give you the brutal honest truth. Are you ready?!

When I am asked this question of where the heck to start when it comes to introducing healthy habits, I love being able to tell you lovely ladies that it looks different for everyone!

This may sound even more daunting than if I just gave you a cookie cutter answer like avoid these foods or do this exercise regimen everyday, but I am doing you a HUGE favor by telling you that there is no right way. Let that be a relief!

If there is anything I have learned along my journey through health and wellness is that it is never ending and ever changing. We are all such unique individuals and there is so much beauty in that!

Another reason why I cannot answer this question directly is because our relationships to the outside world are incredibly complicated. Some of us may already have our nutrition looking incredible on paper, but need to shift our mindset to having a better relationship with food. Some women are frustrated because they are exercising two hours a day to stay fit and lean but are wondering why they are still gaining weight. Some women don’t know how to pick out a vegetable at the grocery store. And some women feel lonely without knowing how to cultivate close friendships or hate the career they are in so they binge eat during the week nights.

Our health and wellness journey is so much deeper than the surface layer of daily routines, green smoothies and pilates classes. Our connections to the outside world, past experiences and how we relate to our environment are major factors in how healthy we are able to be--no matter how stellar your diet is.

I became my healthiest self when I was willing to take a look into how I see myself in the world, what blocks I was having and why I felt attached or detached from some of my daily practices.

You see, for years I ate a very strict gluten free, dairy free, sugar free kind of diet and found myself sitting in my bed at 10pm every single Friday night as a 21 year old eating loads of unsweetened chocolate-y treats to cover up the feelings of isolation I felt from other women my age going out and being social. I also repeated the same unhealthy romantic relationships and friendships that always led me to feelings of loneliness and not ever showing up as myself.

I had to take a good long look in the mirror and finally got absolutely fed up with feeling like I didn't belong. I asked myself how I wanted to feel instead and what would bring me that joy. When I found that I wanted to feel inspired, light hearted and connected I was able to make the action steps that steered me towards the life I had been yearning for. Although these changes did not happen overnight, concentrating my attention on what feelings I was longing for made it so easy to get clear on what I needed to get there.

I hope this has helped you understand how incredibly unique you are and that no matter where you start in your journey, there is no wrong way to start!

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Lots of love,