Sweet & Easy Things To Do For Your Besties

I am the kind of person that loves to give thoughtful gifts to people I love. Since I was small I lived for giving my parents little drawings or writing little post-it notes to stick on my mothers computer monitor just saying hi. As I got older, not much has changed!

I can get totally carried away with all sorts of sweet things you could do for your besties, family, or coworkers, but, here are a few ideas that I usually stick to because they are SO easy, inexpensive and a totally sweet surprise for the receiver!

  • Write a postcard!  For those people that don’t live in your area that you want to let know you are thinking of them a little snail mail is the sweetest way to go! Not only is it super easy to write up a cute something on a pretty postcard, we all love getting mail that is not a utility bill and it is a sure way to put a smile on someone’s face!

  • Send a sweet out of the blue text! (or call just to say hi) This is probably the easiest thing you could ever do and it is one of my favorite ways to reach out. We all run around, especially during the work week, and are totally in our own lives just focusing on ourselves and our to-do list. But it feels awesome to take a quick break, think of someone else and make their day a little brighter! It will catch your bestie off guard and could totally turn around their entire day and week knowing they are thought about!

  • Meeting up with someone with a surprise! Surprise them with their favorite coffee order! For all your coffee loving friends and family, what is better than a surprise coffee delivered right to you? This is  one I do sometimes and it is just a special way to show that you care.

  • Write a post-it note! Probably the best gift and what I do most often!  I LOVE writing post-it notes that are encouraging and sweet to my roomates and sticking them on their pillows, computers, bathroom mirror or wherever! It is just sweet, easy and pretty fun to get creative with!

  • Just take the time to hear about their life updates! It’s no secret that people love to talk about themselves! Sometimes we don’t get an opportunity to just spill everything out and talk about ourselves for awhile, so why not be the person to let them just run with it?

Are you a gift giving lady like me? Do you Let me know what you do for your besties!