My Healthy Roadtrip Snacks!

I just did a 12 hour road trip with my puppy dog back from my home town in New Mexico to Southern California…and what do you think was on the top of my packing list? SNACKS!

Snacking is one of life's simple pleasures and but sometimes I find that it gets a little mindless sometimes--especially when you are bored and wanting something to munch on.

For me, the thing with snacking on a roadtrip is that I am not moving around as much as I do in my normal day to day so I like to keep my snacks light so that I am ready for a real meal when I get to my destination. Here’s what I had on hand for easy grab and go, easy to eat one-handed snacks…

Oh and did I mention...all my snacks are low in sugar or Sugar Free, Gluten Free and will keep you fueled with out the bloated puffiness that most convenient snacks will? Now that sounds good!

  • WATER! All Day Every Single Day. Period.

  • Cut up veggies (carrot, celery, cucumber, fennel etc.)

  • Dark chocolate or Chocolate covered almonds (try to get the darkest chocolate you can...I am a bit of a dark chocolate fanatic and its lower in sugars)

  • Olives (probably the most underrated snack in my opinion! They are so easy for a convenient snack and are filling and satiating from the good fats and fiber they contain)

  • Homemade Trail Mix (I usually make my own--this time was pecans, pistachio, coconut and dried mulberries)

  • Hummus & Tortillas/Crackers - I love a good dip and cracker situation, so this combo is perfect when you are at a gas stop for a quick and healthy lunch type situation.

  • For my GF ladies out there, try Simple Mills Crackers & Siete Tortillas --trust me you’ll be hooked!

  • Apples - I’m pretty sure these explain themselves :)

BONUS TIP: I always do research on healthy places that I can go to on the way. This time I stopped at Local Juicery in Sedona and got the best smoothie, juices and salad ever! Easy peasy, fun and takes the stress off of looking for places last minute!