Workouts To Do With Your Bestie

What’s better than working out with your bestie?! Not a lot in my opinion...grab your girls and get ready to rock these fun workouts together!

  • Go on a hike! Nothing gets your heartrate up more than talking while walking up a big hill or mountain!

  • Take a fun new off the wall class! Try something like aerial yoga, or boxing class

  • Go on a bike ride! Find a fun paved trail to go on an adventure or even pick a brunch spot and pedal your way there and back.

  • Put on an movie or tv show and do a simple at home workout! (For inspiration follow along with Cassie at Blogilates or find a body blasting workout with the Tone it Up girls!)

  • Take a jog! The thought of running can put off a lot of people, but just taking it slow and jogging while catching up can be the perfect thing to get your body moving.

  • Commit to a month long challenge together! Sometimes an accountability buddy is just what we need to keep us motivated every day.

  • LAUGH! Not only do I think laughing is just one of the best things about life, but when you laugh a ton sometimes you end up with sore abs…

What workouts do you do with your bestie?