My Hiking Essentials

Something you should know about me is that I am a big outdoors lover! In my spare time you can usually find me outside in the sunshine finding a pretty view with my puppy dog.

Although it is fun to just get up and go outside for a nice weekend hike, it’s important to be prepared which is why I have put together all of my hiking essentials!

  • WATER, WATER, WATER!!!! I never leave the house without water, and if I am being extra prepared I bring one for the hike and one to keep in the car for afterwards.

  • SNACKS! Nothing is worse than being mid hike and feeling a crash coming on. I like to bring some snacks to tide me over but don’t make me feel too full or bulk up my backpack. Try some of these: homemade trail mix (try this do it yourself mix!); an apple; energy bar (make sure they are low in sugar for long lasting energy! I like GoMacro Bars); cheese and crackers; handful of almonds.

  • FLIP FLOPS - Kind of a unique one, but I never go on a hike without bringing a pair of flip flops to change into when I get back. What can I say...after a good long day on the trails my feet like to see some sunshine and breathe! LOL

  • SUNSCREEN - Hopefully you wear some sort of SPF everyday but be sure to lather it on when you are out on a hike! Nothing is worse than coming home from an amazing hike and looking like a lobster...just saying...

  • HAT - So I’m not going to lie, I don’t always bring a hat or even like to wear them but every time I bring one I am grateful! It keeps me shielded from the sun and keeps my hair out of my face :)

  • LAYER IT UP! This is something I thank my mom for teaching as a little kid. LIGHT LAYERS is where it’s at! This makes it easy to adjust your outfit depending on what the weather is like...keep in mind the weather could be more windy, cold or hot at the trail than at your house. I like to wear a yoga top, a three quarter zip, a vest and maybe a wind breaker of some kind. It may sound like a lot but I usually end up leaving some in the car.

  • FRIENDS! I love a solo hike, but I also love to snag a couple friends for an outdoor adventure. What a fun way to catch up and do something different!

What are you hiking essentials? Let me know in the comments below!