Here's To Being A Shorty and A Sneak Peak Into My Short Girl Fashion Guide

I’m not quite 5’4” and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make clothes fit right when they just don’t seem to be made for  shorties like myself. Here are some of my top tips for making you look taller and rocking an amazing style!

Cropped Jackets - I love a good cropped jacket because it accentuates my curves while making me look petite and elongated in my torso! Any jacket that goes beyond my waist line tends to make me look shorter and like I am drowning in fabric.

Roll up the jeans - If your short, you know how this goes! It’s hard to find pants that fit, and often times they are too long anyways so why not make a fashion statement out of it? I like to leave a little skin showing between my shoes and bottoms of my jeans so that it gives me a taller and leaner look.

Style Hack: roll them inward so that you don’t get the visible cuff at the bottom and they just look like perfectly fitting jeans

Rock the slimming colors -  When in doubt, wear dark colors! Not only does it make you look a bit taller, but it makes you look lean and fit too. I love a good black on black outfit when it’s done right because it looks edgy but can be dressed up with accessories and makes me feel long and lean.

Do a loose half tuck of your longer shirts -  Much like the cropped jacket, half tucking your shirts helps to show off your curves and makes a shirt made for taller people fit perfectly with a stylish flare.  

Minimize the patterns - I love patterns, but when it comes to my clothing I tend to lean towards  the more simple the better. Choosing simple patterns is best for a shortie in my mind because the busy patterns tend to accentuate my shortness and make me look a little more like I have a stocky build.

Grab your favorite heels - Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of looking taller! I don’t usually wear tall heels, but having at least a little something makes me feel like a whole new person! Even if it’s just the heel on a pair of boots I feel like I a whole new girl!

Winter Tip: Wear Tall Winter Boots- Contrary to what you might think, I think that wearing winter boots that reach up to right below my knees makes me look a little taller. When they fit right under the knee and paired with some skinny jeans or even ‘nicer’ leggings you can make it look like you got legs for days! A lot of people think I am taller than I am because I tend to elongate the look of my legs…its one of my favorite tricks!

What are your shortie style tips? Leave a comment and I’d love to hear!