My Three Top Tools For Healing

Since you have gotten this far in life, I am willing to bet you have had to heal from something. Whether you have been through a broken heart, an illness or a loss of a family member or close friend we have all been through tough times.

I am no stranger to the healing game. I have been through the heartbreaks, the chronic illnesses and a loss of a close family member too and find that these three tools have gotten me through it all.

Friendship - Friends are the lifeline of good and hard times. Now, be aware that leaning on your friends when you need it to is very different than throwing yourself a grand ol’ pity party. Up until recently, I underestimated how much my friends were there for me. I had hidden for years anything that was not perfect in my life only because I was scared that I would be judged for not being happy all the time. Sometimes it is so much easier to switch off and push away than trust and be supported by the people you love!

And back to the pity party because this is very important! Never put your problems on your friends, instead share what you are going through and allow them to be there for you in a way that feels good for both you and your bestie. If you overload your friends with all the bad and don’t have the balance of being a friend at the same time you will end up wondering why everyone is becoming distant.

Think about it, have you ever had that one friend who is just a debby downer constantly and after awhile when she texts or calls you just always say you are busy or end up with a million excuses just to avoid another conversation about how much his/her life sucks? Yeah….well don’t be that friend!

Prayer - No matter if you believe in a religion or are more of a spiritual nerd like myself, if you have any feelings that there is something out there greater than yourself then this concept will be an incredible tool for you shiny new toolbox.

I encourage you to explore your idea of what this is for you. Whether you call this grand presence God, the Universe or even addressing a person you knew who has passed you are exactly in the right place.

For someone that is foreign to prayer, don’t worry you don’t have to hit your knees make the prayer hands and talk up to your bedroom ceiling like you may have come to think of praying as. Prayer is more of a simple knowing that there is a presence beyond our physical being and that when you ask for support, the Universe will always provide.

Let go, let go and let go some more - Letting go is not something that comes easily to anyone these days. It is our nature to feel secure in knowing that we are in control. I know all too well the desire to hang on and not be accepting of change because it causes discomfort, but knowing that you are supported and that change doesn’t need to feel out of control, rather just a new normal.