How To Lead With Confidence and Why Confident People Are So Darn Sexy!

Confidence is one of those words that floats around as the key to success. We constantly hear friends, fitness instructors, classmates and coworkers and probably most of all your mom telling us to be confident and believe in ourselves. And even though we are told day in and day out, sometimes you got it and sometimes you just don’t because I think at this point we can all agree that everyone is different and so we will all feel confident in different situations and at different times.

Well...your mom, friends and fitness instructor are right because feeling confident is an absolute must in just about anything!

Confidence is sexy and inspiring to ourselves and to others. It  allows us to put our best selves forward and to be successful in relationships, career and life in general to just get shit done .

When you head into a job interview, you want to feel confident so you will blow them out of the water, right? You might wear your lucky outfit or put on that bold but not so bold lip color. You wake up that much earlier just so you can make sure you are feeling top notch.

When I began doing job interviews, I noticed I tended to wear my hair the same way and wear the same type of color, etc. even when my boyfriend at the time would suggest I keep my hair down or not to wear one blazer over the other, I would do what made me confident! The confidence I had from doing what made me feel successful landed me the job that has supported me in my early career.

The same goes for when you are headed to a date or meeting up with some new friends. Your trusty friends might come over and get you all dolled up only for you to get the knock on the door to be picked up feeling pretty but not really yourself.  First of all, that person probably asked you out because he or she likes you exactly as who you are and second, they want to get to know the real you because confidence in yourself is absolutely sexy and irresistible!

I went on a date in college and had all my ladies come over beforehand and help me look pretty. And I ended up not feeling like myself with more makeup than I would normally wear and I had on an outfit that did not look anything like what I usually wore. The date was great, but then I felt I had to be like that for all other dates which made my confidence plummet. Not to say it wasn’t fun to have everyone over for a pre-date hang out but I should have probably been completely myself as a first impression!

When asking some of my ladies what makes them confident here is what they immediately spouted out.

  • Bold Lip Color

  • Clear skin

  • Long beachy hair

  • White teeth

  • Unapologetically rockin’ their own unique style

  • Being kind to strangers

  • Acts of kindness

  • Singing in the car!

  • Knowing I have rad friends to talk to

  • Fresh highlights

  • Cute mani pedi

  • Her gorgeous smile!

  • A strong handshake

  • Her pretty eyes

What makes you most confident? Tell me in the comments below and keep riding that wave of confidence babe! You are so deserving of it all.