Its None Of You Business What Other People Think Of You

It is our nature as humans to interact with other people every single day and in a variety of circles. But this often brings a lot of anxiety around what people think of us.

Our society has been set up in a funky competitive way that makes it hard for us to be ourselves when we are just trying to keep up with what other people want us to be. We are having to follow a dress code for corporate offices, have manners and know professional lingo to speak with our clients, and present ourselves to schools and job interviews as the type of person that would be the perfect fit for the office environment.

Gosh, that is a lot of pressure!

I would be one person in the corporate office to represent that I am professional and qualified-- but corporate Jess is a stranger to real life Jess.

Real life Jess doesn’t like to wear shoes 90% of the time, is normally found in yoga pants and comfy sweatshirts. Real Jess goes to crazy yoga classes and likes to put things like spirulina in her smoothies and adaptogens in her coffee. At work, I was embarrassed by this part of myself!

The funny part is that both corporate Jess and real life Jess are the same in the end. I am smart, professional and have a good brain for problem solving in the office but I am also a free spirited person that likes hippie food. So why would I hide and worry about what others think? Maybe I even have something in common with some of my coworkerWhen I started to ask my coworkers simple questions about themselves, I found that they felt comfortable to open up about their hobbies. They loved being able to share what makes them unique when given a safe space to express themselves which made my work environment and home environment merge! I no longer felt the need to hide parts of myself because I had began to cultivate relationships with my peers that mutually supported all of the different hobbies we enjoy. It even became fun to learn about things that had never crossed my mind!

How do you connect with people in your life and make stop worrying about what others think of you? Leave a comment and let me know!