It Can Be Hard To Stay Positive Around Negative People...Until Now! Here Is What I Tried and Why It Works So Well!

I was recently doing some fun reading from Gabby Bernstein’s blog and came across her post about staying positive around negative people. This felt like an important topic because I think we have all been part of a situation where someone’s negativity rubs off on us and within minutes we are gossiping and saying hurtful things towards others.

In her most recent book, Judgement Detox, she states “Just mind your own business and be the light” which in my opinion is SPOT ON!

For example, I had a co-worker a long time ago who did not want to do anything but gossip and oftentimes she would say negative things about our boss. Being a positive person most of the time, this made me really uncomfortable but I felt too embarrassed to tell her that I did not want to participate--especially at work.

Well, one day my co-worker emailed me something that was on her mind and you could probably guess that it was about my boss and it definitely was not a compliment. Soon after the email was received, my boss finds out and confronts us both which immediately I could feel my heart jump into my throat and my stomach drop to the floor. I felt horrible to say the least and did not know how to mend the situation. Looking back, this was an incredible lesson on exactly what Gabby has shared and I wish I had a tool like this so that the negative pattern had not gotten so amplified.

Since this experience, I have avoided negative people as much as I could even though I may have valued their friendship in other ways. I felt like avoiding negativity was the only way I could keep myself from feeling the ugliness of gossiping about people and in the end, feeling guilty about my actions. But with Gabby’s approach to how to navigate negativity, you can stay grounded in yourself instead of being dragged down to their level.

What I love about Gabby’s perspective is that she encourages you to show up as an example for love and light. She believes that being a reflection for light rather than a sponge for negative energy not only keeps you away from the rabbit hole of gossip but also inspires people to adopt the light hearted energy you are carrying too.

Click here to listen to Gabby talk about staying positive here and let me know how you can use this in your life!