Utilize Your Personal Style

Ok ladies it’s a great day for all things fashion! When I discovered how my personal style could bring me success in just about every aspect of my life I was not only a way happier person but things just got more fun and stylish!

I know what your thinking...how could my personal style make me successful? My answer to you, my love, is that confidence is your ticket to success. If you are truly utilizing your personal style and not buying the trendy crop tops just because all your friends are too, you will show a confidence to others that shows how you are nothing to hide as an authentic babe.

Think of it this way. When I am heading to speak to people, going on a date for the first time or meeting up with a new group of friends, I want to look my own version of awesome because most of the time people make first impressions based on looks...sad but true! However, this does NOT mean that you have to be trendy or have legs for days….it is actually the opposite. When you reflect how you feel on the inside by getting creative with your authentic style, you are showing that you care about yourself so much that you are not afraid to spend the time to look and feel like a million bucks. Take Lady Gaga...she sure has her own thing going on but she does it with such confidence that it is a success every single time! It is this confidence in yourself that will get you to where you want to be.

Not only does your personal style make you a winner, it also makes you an honorable ‘loser’. An example would be when a friend asks me how my services as a coach will impact her life, and she decides not to work with me. My feelings are not hurt by this because I know in myself that I showed up as the best version of myself inside and out and can be confident in the fact that she was not meant to be my client. I know I am still a total winner for all the beautiful people that do want to work with me. I can even feel that even though I was not a match for my friend, she will most likely refer someone she thinks would be right for my program because 1) I was confident in my services 2) I showed up as myself at all times and 3) I was not afraid to believe in my brand despite it not being right for everyone.

That is just an example of the million ways your personal style can make you a total success. If you know me well, I adore a good athleisure look and could rock a pair of yoga leggings all day everyday and switch it up with a pair of cute boots in the fall/winter and just through on a jacket and a scarf and call it a day. Or in the summer I love to rock a really simple but cute sundress with a wide brimmed hat and sandals. Both of these outfits are not that creative. In fact, I’d say most of the time I am darn lazy. But people often say I have a really cool style that they love and I know it’s because I am totally comfortable, confident and staying true to myself.

Tell me about your personal style! I adore a unique look--especially when you are rocking it with a pep in your step and a great smile!