Your Cubicle Is Basically Your Second Home...Here's How To Professionally Decorate!

You landed the job and your friends and family are so proud but you go in for the first day and you see that old, dark, cubicle with a questionable stain on the carpet. Suddenly that feeling of excitement rapidly deflates to a big Oh-Sh***. Girl, I’ve been there!

After graduating from Chico State I landed my first job in glamorous Los Angeles. After a few days of my biggest anxiety being whether to wear the navy blue blazer or the grey one on my first day as a corporate woman I saw that darn cubicle and felt my stomach drop into a desperate desire to wiggle my way back out of the whole situation.

To be honest, the corporate office setting just put me off completely and not even a year later I switched departments and rid myself of the office life for good. Even though I was not cut out for the cubicle life, I definitely became an expert at making my desk space feel more and more like home.

In my opinion, it is so important to move into your cubicle and decorate in a seriously professionally cute way. Making my cubicle feel like home was a game changer for me and made my time in the office much less stressful. Keeping things around me that give me joy would not only be a constant reminder of what I am grateful for, but were great conversation starters with coworkers.

Here are some of my favorite things to bring to welcome into your cubicle life!

Essential Oils

These were my absolute pride and joy in the office. Not only do essential oils give me joy, smell incredible, and mask the smell of the next door neighbors microwaved spagetti-o’s, they helped me focus when I was in desperate need of a break.

Pictures of Friends and Family

I am willing to bet you have pictures of your besties and family in your bedroom. Bringing them into the office is definitely a must so you can have friendly faces around you cheering you on throughout the day. This goes without saying...I would hope...but leave the college wild days at home and make sure everything passes the grandma test--you know...the test that if your grandmother saw it she wouldn’t keel over in shock.

I kept pictures of my family and a few too many of my cute dog and when I looked up at them I would always be crack a smile.

Get Yourself the Cute Post-its, Notepads and Planner

Especially if you are a visual person like me, getting cute post-its notepads and a planner is another non-negotiable. I love when my disorganized chaos looks cute when I stick a pretty post-it on top or when I can open up my old-school planner and use different colored pens that would make my meetings and tasks look more fun than they were.

Change it up with the Seasons and Holidays

It’s time to whip out your theme-y skills! Recruite your co-workers to decorate for the Holidays and Seasons. Not only is it fun to see everyone get involved in decorating, you meet everyone around you that you may not ever speak to otherwise - which trust me when I say you will be happy to have a conversation with people when all on your lonesome in that cubicle!

Get Out Your Headphones and Play Listen to an Epic Playlist or Motivational Podcast

Nothing is more motivating and fun than having a fantastic playlist. I recommend you spend 10 minutes on Sunday’s to put together all your favorite songs that will keep you in a good mood throughout the week. I always went back and forth between a playlist and podcasts. Podcasts were a complete savior for me, because as you already know I am a health and wellness geek and podcasts allowed me to nerd out all day on something I loved and was working towards as a profession.

I hope these tips sparked your creativity to make your cubicle feel more like home. And remember, if you are like me and do not like a corporate office but feel like you need to stick it out, take a big deep breathe and remember that working towards your goals may not always feel glamorous but you are given the opportunity right now to support yourself so that you can work towards something incredible.

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